Monday, February 6, 2012

Gigaset N300 A IP settings for

To use the gigaset N300 A IP with the 12voip operator the following settings can be used. Note that the gigaset interface differs slightly from what is described in the manual. To access the interface type the IP address of the gigaset DECT base station in a browser or type (...well...).

The basic connection details

The advanced settings

In the page of the connections wait a bit and refresh the page to see that the connection is "Registered". The caller ID number that appears to the recipient of your calls is defined in the website. A degree of spoofing is unfortunately possible.

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  1. SIP port : 5060
    Registrar :
    Proxy server :
    Outbound proxy server : leave empty
    Account name : your 12VoIP username
    Password : your 12VoIP password
    Display name/number : your 12VoIP username or voipnumber
    Stunserver (option) :